Under the Transparency Code of 2014 the following items of expenditure paid for in the year ended 31st March 2019 that are over £100.


Purchase of a new laptop for the Parish Clerk                                               £773.97

Setting up of a new website for the Parish Council                                        £500.00

Clerk’s Salary and travelling.                                                                          £1230.58

Public Liability Insurance                                                                                £257.60

Somerset Association of Local Councils                                                         £149.77

Affiliation Fee

Crewkerne and West Crewkerne joint Burial Board

Precept figure together with grant to the village hall                                   £3908.00

Gift vouchers for two parishioners who had maintained the

Parish Council website for a number of years and completed

the Internal Audit for the Parish Council for a number of years

 as a token of the Parish Council appreciation.                                              £150.00



                                    Miss J A Parsons

 Responsible Finance Officer and Parish Clerk