Parish Highways

Written by Henryk on 28 November 2013.

Highways is an emotional subject to us all, particularly in the present climate of cost cutting resulting in poorer maintenance and reduced service provision.
The Parish Council is regularly in contact with the Highways Department, whose staff has always been very helpful, both in setting up meetings on site to solve a problem(s) and in providing advice when necessary. An example is the provision of a Parish Drainage Map, with major sectors in pdf format showing higher definition details of gullies, ditches, grips and drain covers, for ease of reporting problems, as well as helping the council in encouraging parishioners to adopt a drain, which in some cases has resulted in some drains being cleared by self help.

SCC Parish Information Pack
Somerset County Council has issued a publication outlining the Highway Services in Somerset, explaining what parishioners and communities can currently expect in highway services from the SCC. It is a very useful document which is recommended reading.

Potholes - Receive email updates when you report a pothole

The pack above mentions potholes, and reporting procedures, which have been enhanced recently (March 2016), by allowing members of the public, who report potholes, being sent email updates tracking the repair process.

The new initiative means anyone who notifies Somerset County Council of a potential safety defect, can choose to be kept up to date by email.

Emails will be sent to acknowledge your report, and again once the location has been inspected to advise what action will be taken. If the pothole is confirmed as a safety defect, and rectification is undertaken, then a further email will be sent on completion of the repair.

Cllr David Fothergill, Somerset County Council's Cabinet Member for Highways, said: "We have more than 4,000 miles of road in Somerset, and fill in around 20,000 potholes each year.

"But even though our teams carry out regular inspections, potholes can form quickly, so we rely on members of the public to reportany problems they see.

"We're very grateful to anyone who does this and I'm pleased we now have an improved system in place to acknowledge your efforts and keep you up to date on exactly what is happening.

"We're committed to keeping our roads safe, so please, if you spot a pothole, get in touch so we can check it out."

When you report a pothole, it will be inspected within three working days and a repair will be planned if it meets certain criteria.

These are in accordance with safety guidelines and take into account various factors ranging from the size and depth of the pothole, to the volume and speed of traffic using that road.

As a guide, potholes identified as safety defects will be repaired within 28 days, although more severe hazards in busier locations can be repaired within 24 hours.

The email notification system is available when you report a pothole through Somerset Direct on 0300 123 2224.

You can also report potholes using the online form at - althoughthis does not currently work with some devices and browsers.

For more information about how we inspect and repair potholes, please visit

Winter Road Services 2015-16
This is the latest pamphlet "Guide to Winter services in Somerset" outlinig the major roads that will be gritted and other useful information.

This pamphlet will not be reprinted for 2016-17 due to costs, but a similar map of the roads to be pre gritted in 2016-17 is available.