West Crewkerne Drainage Map


Written by Administrator on 12 December 2012.

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Sectored Road Drainage Maps (Click on PDF file)
 Sector PDF File Name  Boundaries of Volunteer Responsibility 
1 Clapton 1 Clapton Bridge to Village Hall entrance
 2  Clapton 2 Village Hall entrance to Clapton Farm
 3 Clapton 3 Clapton Br to Parish boundary Drimpton Rd & Lyme Rd
 4 Clapton Gate Clapton Farm to Clapton Gate
Clapton Road Clapton Gate to Hewish x road plus Watery Lane
 6 Clapton Road 1 Hewish cross road to Folly Farm
 7 Clapton Road 2 Folly Farm to Rly Tunnel
 8  Hewish Gates Clapton Gate to Woolminstone triangle
 9  Woolminstone triangle to Beer Farmhouse & Woodstock House
 10  Woolminstone 1 Hewish Lane to The Dairy House
 11  Hewish 1 Hewish cross road to Rly Bridge
 12  Hewish 2 Rly Bridge to Rose Cottage
13  Anne Bulls 1
 14 Anne Bulls 2
15 Shave Hill Cathole Bridge Rd to Henley Cross
 16  Furland Furland Farm
 17 A 30-1 Roundham Corner to Travellers' Rest Inn
18 A 30-2 Travellers' Rest to Hinton turn off
 19 A 30-3 Hinton turn off to Coombe Farm turn off
20 A 30-4  Coombe Farm turn off to Ilminster Road Junction
21  A 30-5 Ilminster turn off up St reyn Hill
22 A 30-6 St Reyn Hill to Winsham turn off


Sector Volunteers

The Listing below shows the Parishioners who have kindly volunteered to monitor their part of the parish regarding the state of the highway drains and culverts, and form a nucleus of manpower in carrying out minor maintenance to allow proper drainage of our highways.

Volunteer List